12 Hairstyles That Prove Headbands Are the Best Hair Accessory

It’s no secret that here at Who What Wear, we love a good hair accessory. Whether we’re talking about clips, barrettes, ribbons, or scarves, they’re the easiest way to elevate a hairstyle—any hairstyle, really. We mean it. Whenever our hair is looking rather, um, lackluster, we toss a hair accessory into it and we’re out the door in five minutes flat. That’s why we’re always expanding our hair-accessory wardrobe. We never know when we’ll need a little extra help.  

The easiest and perhaps most classic hair accessory we reach for is the humble headband. While it’s often associated with a preppy, Upper East Side look à la Blair Waldorf, it can actually suit myriad styles and aesthetics. There’s a look for ’90s supermodel hair enthusiasts, red carpet replicators, people with short hair, braids, and more. Need proof? We got you. Keep scrolling to see 12 of the best headband hairstyles, from influencers, celebrities, and expert hairstylists.  

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