35 Spring Nordstrom Items That Are Overwhelmingly Pretty and Affordable

Spring is just a little over a month away, and so my question for you is: What are you going to wear when things thaw out? Whether or not you’ve pondered this yet, the answer lies at Nordstrom. Nordstrom began marking down its winter inventory weeks ago to make room for the fresh spring arrivals, which have been popping up all over the site. 

Nordstrom’s buyers are great at many things—two of them being sourcing affordable fashion items and making sure a large portion of them are pretty. You’ll even find plenty of pretty basics among both its in-house brands and outside brands. But if you’re too busy trying to stay warm to even think about shopping for spring, allow me to help you out. Below are 35 of my affordable yet pretty spring favorites (clothing, accessories, and shoes included) currently hiding in plain sight at Nordstrom. Shop at your leisure.

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