Acts 29 Network’s New Church-Plant Initiative to Send Gospel ‘1,000 Different Directions’

The Acts 29 Network continues its mission to plant gospel-centered churches around the world with the organization announcing a new initiative that will give up to $50,000 for each new church site.

For churches who start its program in 2022, $25,000 will be given for start-up costs while another $25,000 will be awarded once the established church reaches a funding benchmark.

Currently, there are 724 churches around the world in the Acts 29 Network.

The organization describes itself as a “diverse, global community of healthy, multiplying churches characterized by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation.”

“We do not have one model; what we do is try to empower church planters and church planting teams to plant in a way that makes sense in their context,” Executive Director Brian Howard told the Christian Post.

Howard considers this new initiative as an unconventional turn for the organization. 

“One of the things that Acts 29 has not historically done is the direct funding of church plants,” Howard said. “We’ve always done peer-to-peer church plant funding, where a church comes in and relationally connects with another church, or maybe connects with another church in their general area.”

 “While that kind of thing is still going to happen, we’re also investing $750,000 this year, initially in North America, in the U.S., and likely Canada, and then we hope to eventually be able to expand this internationally as well,” he continued. 

As CBN News has reported, Matt Chandler, the president of Acts 29, sees this moment in history as a opportunity to spread the Gospel and share hope. 
“If you have a healthy local church made up of people who love Jesus Christ and know His word – darkness gets pushed back in 1,000 different directions,” he told CBN News.

“It’s 1,000 little lights in the darkness that make up the heat in the Gospel, so I want to be about pouring into that and giving my influence towards that,” the lead pastor of the Village Church explained, “giving my time and money towards that.”

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