CA GOP’s SuperBowl Travel Tips Is Master Level Trolling

The California GOP has gone full-on savage. To lead off SuperBowl weekend, they offered this sage advice to anyone traveling into the state to attend the big game.

It’s a clever way to expertly troll Governor Hair Gel, and bring attention to the ulcerous conditions in Los Angeles and the rest of the state. California is supposed to be under a state of emergency due to the Omicron variant, and despite Republican efforts to wrest control from His Hairfulness’ slick grasp, our Democrat Supermajority legislature wants to sit around pushing through garbage legislation like allowing children to be vaccinated without their parents consent, while Newsom plays dictator for everything else. The craven crew of Newsom-Garcetti-and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors greenlit the SuperBowl because those dollars and glossy sports PR were just too much to pass up.

While California’s children are attending school and playing sports fully masked, and a vaccine passport AND a mask are required to sit inside to eat at McDonalds, these elected clowns are allowing hundreds of thousands of people to pour into the City of Los Angeles.

We’ll see how that goes. Enter at your own risk.

Remember when Los Angeles was the prime tourist destination and the crown jewel of the West?

Yeah, good times.

The tips are masterful and pointed. This one perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy of California’s elected class, and the ridiculousness of having a major sporting event in a city that wants to impose draconian and nonsensical mandates:

Wear your mask. Unless you have access to a VIP entrance or a celebrity skybox, you are still subject to California,  LA County and  SoFi Stadium’s  mask mandates. Too bad the game isn’t taking place after the mask mandate expires on February 15 for just about everyone but school children. If you need to remove your mask, here are a few acceptable reasons: eating, drinking,  holding your breath,  feeling the spirit,   getting your hair done,   being judicious or being gracious.

Other than those reasons, you must comply. The Crypt Keeper Dr. Barbara Ferrer says so.

One of my favorites is Tip #2: Get gas before entering the state:

Don’t get us wrong, we know gas is expensive everywhere with the national average just hitting  a 7-year high (thanks Biden). But in California, it’s really expensive. With the highest gas tax in the nation that just went up again last summer, California easily has the country’s most expensive gas, well over a dollar per gallon above the national average. So fill up your tank before you cross the state line or prepare to pay!

If you’re the unfortunate victim of a crime while in the state, you’ll pay anyway. This tip addresses that possibility:

Crime is something to be mindful of when in California. Property and violent crime increased in 2021. Smash and grabs that terrorized holiday shoppers and businesses are still happening   today. In LA, follow-home robberies are on the   rise and homicides  jumped nearly 12% last year to their highest levels since 2007. While the best advice for out-of-towners is simply to be careful and stay alert, you may also take a tip from frustrated residents in the Bay Area and simply leave  your trunk open to keep criminals from smashing your windows to rummage through your car.

So, maybe do your shopping in another state too to avoid being caught in the middle of a smash-and-grab at CVS. It’s not like we need the tax revenue. Keep in mind that just like those smash and grab robbers, moving in packs is strongly advised.

Speaking of crime, we have a District Attorney in Los Angeles who refuses to prosecute criminals. So, if you are a victim of a crime and you manage to survive it, don’t even bother trying to press charges. You won’t get any modicum of justice, you’ll just be injured, and SOL.

It’s a military term—look it up.

And finally, if you’re taking the train to the big game, you’ll know exactly when you’ve entered Los Angeles…

Train robberies jumped  356% last year in Los Angeles, while shocking images of debris and trash along the train tracks recently went viral. Gavin Newsom hit the nail on the head describing the scene as a “third world country ,” while conveniently glossing over his and his party’s role in creating this new normal. Union Pacific  pointed  to liberal DA George Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies specifically as the real culprit. So while you think you may have taken the train too far and landed in a third world country, don’t worry. That just means you made it to LA.

The city or Union Pacific can’t seem to clear the railroad tracks of all that debris, but last week Republican activist Scott Pressler decided to do it for them. It’s probably a mess again, but it once again spotlights the incompetent disregard of our elected betters.

And the homeless encampments leading to SoFi Stadium? They’re practically nonexistent; like Hair Gel’s mask at the NFC Championship:

Even though more than a quarter  of the nation’s homeless population are in California, don’t worry about seeing any proof around the big game. While California Democrats could have chosen to hold a special session at Republicans’ urging  to address the homeless crisis, LA officials have instead been busy  removing homeless encampments on the route to SoFi Stadium, enacting the out of sight, out of mind approach instead.

The CA GOP finishes out with this:

BOTTOM LINE: With these simple travel tips, you are sure to have a great time in California cheering on your team at this Sunday’s Super Bowl. And if you have any complaints or concerns about your stay in our beautiful state, please direct those to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom or either Democrat majority in Sacramento.

There are rumors of a freedom truck convoy looking to disrupt the SuperBowl; if that happens, I may actually bother to watch the game… with popcorn.

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