Feel-Good Friday: Black Gun Store Owners Commit to Training Their Community in Firearms Safety and 2A Rights

And in 2015, the National African Americans Gun Rights Association was founded to educate Black people on firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and just pure fun!

The Feel-Bad this week: Dementia Joe is determined to try and take away our guns. Listening to him blather on about cannons, you know whoever is pulling the strings is wanting a win in that column.

The Feel-Good Friday Good News: More Americans, and especially Black Americans are not only arming themselves, but encouraging and training their communities in gun use and safety, so they can fully invest themselves into the 2A community.

So, in honor of Black History Month, today’s Feel-Good Friday post is about a Black couple who cared more about the community than their discomfort with being associated with “gun culture.” Not only did they begin training their community on gun safety and firearms use, but they opened up their own gun store called Prime Protection STL. According to KSDK News in St. Louis, co-owners Armon Reed-Wynne and Bridgette Reed-Wynne have trained over 8,000 people in gun safety and how to best protect themselves.

Bravo them!

“That’s what we are here for because there’s too many good people lost to the hands of criminals,” Prime Protection STL co-owner Armon Reed-Wynne said.

I know that’s right.

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