Genshin Impact: miHoYo Announced New Outfits for Mona, Jean, Rosaria, and Amber: Check Details

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Recently, the Genshin Impact developers announced that the four characters Jean(Anemo), Rosaria(Cryo), Amber(Pryo), and Mona(Hydro) will be getting alternate outfits for themselves. These Genshin Impact new outfits will be a partial redesign of their default outfits. These new outfits apparently will prove to be a little bit more humble than the original outfits of these characters. Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact New Outfits, miHoYo, Mona, Jean, Rosaria, Amber

Recently, an unexpected approach has been made by miHoYo where they announced that the 4 Mondstadt characters Mona, Rosaria, Jean, and Amber will have their default outfits retained. The Genshin Impact new outfits will be somewhat similar to the image given below.

However, in the official article by miHoYo, it was stated that the designs that are provided in the image are for illustrative purposes only. And doesn’t indicate the final results of the outfits. So we cannot say what’s awaiting the players. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the outfit changes of these characters.

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  • Mona: The self-claimed Astrologer will have not have a major change in her costume. Mona’s outfit will somewhat get similar to that of Fischl’s after this update hits the floor. She no longer has those tights covering her legs and is wearing thigh-high tights of a different style.
  • Rosaria: Rosaria’s outfit changes are the most noticeable out of the four. Her shoulders are no longer exposed in the new outfit and her top has been changed entirely. Her head fitment had also changed considerably in the image.
  • Amber: Amber’s outfit has not changed much. The color scheme of her outfit has changed a little and the size of her top has increased slightly.
  • Jean: While the color scheme of her outfit has not changed much, Jean is wearing a different coat in the image. Her chest is completely covered and the collars of her coat have changed quite a bit.

That said, when and how the players may get these outfits is still a mystery. Not much info about these updates has been made by the developers. However, the article does mention that the players do need to be attentive for future updates. These updates apparently will make the outfits of these characters modest.

These changes have taken place only in the American and European Servers. And what’s more interesting about this case is that the Chinese article has something else to say. According to the Chinese article, these changes are not optional. And what’s more, is that the players of the European and American Server will get 1,200 Primogems as compensation. However, the players on the other servers will not get these 1,200 Primogems.

Nevertheless, make sure to share your opinion on this topic in the comment box below.

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