German data analytics platform Permea closes first deal with NOVENTI

Munich-based digital health company Temedica has announced that its newly launched data analytics platform Permea has closed its first deal in Germany.

The partner is NOVENTI Health SE, Germany’s largest provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for pharmacies and Europe’s largest billing centre in the healthcare sector.


The first Permea partnership follows the launch of the platform last month and targets improved patient care through data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

NOVENTI will deliver specific health data to strengthen patient care insights that can be obtained from the platform.

According to the developers, the Permea platform is characterised by its ability to understand wearable and app generated data in a novel way, using AI and innovative algorithms. It combines a variety of data sources, such as longitudinal patient-generated data related to time, geography and patient cohorts to provide customised insights about therapies and their effects in real-life conditions.

The information can support decision-making in the field of research and development, regulatory processes, market launches and commercialisation. The various offerings, such as Permea Insights and Permea Monitor, fully comply with the national and international data protection laws.


Consumer health data has become increasingly plentiful and efforts to incorporate this data into care provision grows, according to a new study published in JAMA last month.


Benjamin Friedrich, Chief Medical Officer at Temedica, said: “We are delighted to have NOVENTI, a renowned player in the German and European healthcare market as a partner for Permea. Together we can take our insights to a new level. Temedica has made it its mission to place the patient at the centre of healthcare (…) NOVENTI supports our goal to better understand and map the lives and needs of patients.”

“Digitisation in healthcare opens up unprecedented opportunities for individualised patient treatment,”commented Dr Sven Jansen, Board Member of NOVENTI. He added: “With Temedica, we have an expert for the analysis and interpretation of health data. Together we can leverage the potential of this wealth of disparate information, to gain unprecedented insights that will benefit medical research and product development, and more broadly, the scientific community and physicians.”

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