Has The Era Of ‘Old Right’ Ended And ‘New Right’ Arrived?

Ronald Reagan, one of the most beloved Republican presidents, affectionately referred to by the late Rush Limbaugh as “Ronaldus Magnus,” often talked about what he called “the 11th Commandment,” which was, “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

And while that might have worked back when he first said it during his 1966 California gubernatorial campaign, it might be time to revisit such a concept.

As more of the swamp in Washington D.C. is revealed, and more Americans don’t see Republicans and Democrats but a “uni-party,” it might be time to admit that it is a concept that has served out its usefulness. 

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The Old Establishment GOP

In an article at The Daily Caller on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. appropriately tackled the idea of old and new GOP. He tweeted about a remark made by former President George W. Bush, in which while speaking about elections, Bush might have made the mother of all Freudian slips.

“In contrast, Russian elections are rigged, political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated for participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq, I mean of Ukraine.”

Trump Jr. promptly broke the 11th Commandment and tweeted out, “I wish he would’ve been this honest and critical of himself 20 years, countless lives, and trillions of dollars ago.” 

Were it not for the establishment GOP’s already-existing loathing of anything Trump, it might have caused them to reach for the smelling salts.

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Time For The Torch To Be Passed (Or Wrenched) From Old To New

Donald Trump Jr., and others on the Right of his generation, are just an example of what has actually been happening in the Republican Party for quite a while, and it really isn’t hard to follow. We might call them the “country club” generation of Republicans.

The Bush, (both 41 and 43), Rove, McConnell, Romney, Kristol, and Will generation. They are willing to take the ‘high road’ no matter what, and no matter how many beatings they take.

Even if it saps them of every ounce of their dignity, by God they are gonna cave to the Democrats.

They believe there is some kind of weird honor in losing. And that is exactly what they did for decades. Back in the 80’s, they were the ones who initially were not in the least bit crazy about the pro-life and Evangelical crowd becoming front and center of the party until they figured out that this was a solid voting base.

When they get elected to Congress, they aren’t really going with the intention of changing anything, because they don’t plan on being in the majority. Remember, there is honor in losing.

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The Twenty-First Century GOP: ‘Bold Unmistakeable Colors’

At the Republican convention in 1976, Ronald Reagan again seemed to have the exact words for the occasion, and it sums up what is happening today. He said, “I believe the Republican Party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastel shades.”

The days of the establishment Easter egg pastel Republicans is over. The up and comers of today’s Republican Party, those carrying the banners of bold unmistakeable colors have no problem calling out the the Old Guard Republicans.

They see honor in actually attempting to carry out their campaign promises, and not just milk gullible donors. They are not about to cave to the whims of liberal Democrats.

The Marjorie Taylor Greenes, Lauren Boeberts, Matt Gaetz’s, and Josh Hawleys, will soon outnumber the Liz Cheneys, the Adam Kinzingers, and the Dan Crenshaws who say that if you question your fellow Republicans, you are some kind of troublemaker, or in today’s environment at least, you are a “puppet of Putin.” 

The Old Right may not hand over the keys to the New Right in a willing fashion. But the New Right is not going away any time soon.

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