Holiday Travel Snarls Linger with COVID Qualms and Rough Weather, 1,000 Wrecks in Oregon Alone

Holiday travelers are still having a hard time reaching their destinations. Harsh winter weather and COVID-19 staffing shortages are causing big delays. Thousands of flights have been cancelled since Christmas, and more winter weather is in the forecast.

More than 8,000 U.S. flights have been nixed since Christmas Eve. Delta Airlines delayed 600 flights on Wednesday alone, canceling 129. Alaska Airlines cancelled 170 flights. 

“It’s very stressful, I’m constantly checking to see if there’s any changes,” one traveler explained. 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport saw the most flight cancellations in the world for two consecutive days. And with a New Year’s winter storm threatening travel across the plains and Midwest, more delays and cancellations are expected. 

It’s been an extra-busy travel season too. On average, two million travelers have been passing through TSA each day – that’s more than double the number of passengers in 2020.

Meanwhile, parts of Nevada, California, and Oregon have issued states of emergency after heavy snow and torrential rains threatened travelers both in the air and on the road. 

“We’ve been stuck in traffic since 8:30 in the morning,” one frustrated driver said. 

From Dec. 23 – Dec. 28, frozen roads have caused almost 1,000 traffic accidents in Oregon. 

“Coming up here it was a little mellow, ya know – no snow on the road. Getting back home it’s probably going to be a little more tricky,” a snowboarder said. 

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