I Canceled My Filler Appointment Thanks to This 3-Minute Lip-Liner Trick

In the interim, I’ve relied heavily on my collection of lip-plumping products to deliver a similar, filler-inspired high, but despite the impressive efficacy of some of the industry’s best lip plumpers, nothing can ever truly compare to the real thing. Or, at least, that’s what I thought until a few months ago when I attended a Zoom presentation with countless other beauty editors and celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic—founder and CEO of Makeup by Mario and longtime pro to famous names like Kim Kardashian. 

During the presentation, which was held in honor of his latest debut at the time—the Ultra Suede Lipsticks ($24) and Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencils ($22)—Dedivanovic broke the news that despite our collective expertise in beauty, every single one of us was most likely overlining our lips wrong. In fact, not only are most people overlining their lips incorrectly, he explained, but the most common technique (aka overlining the entire lip and not just a couple of key areas) was actually aging us by giving the outer corners of our lips a heavy, downturned result. (FYI, loss of volume and a downward sagging effect around the mouth area is an inevitable sign of aging.) As you can imagine, everyone’s ears immediately pricked up.

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