I Wore a New Hairstyle Every Day for a Month—Here’s What Happened

Doing my own hair has always been a challenge. Back in high school, I used to flat-iron it every day because I always believed straight hair was more beautiful. Unfortunately, that ended up causing irreversible heat damage and, ultimately, breakage. I started wearing weaves, and when that became too expensive, I decided to go natural

These days, I’m pretty happy being nappy, and contrary to what people might think of me, I haven’t put much effort into switching up my hairstyle over the last decade. I’ve worn a curly afro for years now, and I’ve grown to love it. But don’t get me wrong—my relationship with my ‘do has involved a lot of trial and error. I’ve broken countless hair picks and tried every product and hair fad you can think of (and spent a fortune doing so, might I add). 

But the truth is that I’ve always struggled with my hair because I tie so much of how my hair looks into my self-worth, which I’m sure a lot of Black girls can relate to. In other words, if my hair is looking busted, then I become super self-conscious. Not to be dramatic, but it ruins my mood. When I heard we were doing another I Tried It Month here at Who What Wear, I figured now would be the best time to finally become fearless with my hair and try something new every day for 30 days. Because of the pandemic, I took up an even bigger challenge by learning to do all these styles alone. 

Keep scrolling to see all the different hairstyles I tried, and don’t miss my favorite tips and products that kept me looking fly all month long.

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