I’d Give Up Neutrals in A Heartbeat For These Vibrant Winter Outfits

If you actually count, there are probably more hours of nighttime than there are hours of sunlight at this point. Couple that with the dreary winter and there are plenty of reasons why it’d feel natural to cover yourself in a sea of soothing neutrals. But just because the weather is lacking, doesn’t mean it’s a wrap for color. Actually, I’d argue there’s no better time than now to embrace the vibrant side of the spectrum—consider it the sartorial equivalent of a SAD lamp.

Conveniently, strong saturated color is also having a bit of a moment, so it’s easier than ever to try your hand at full-scale chromatic dressing. Just this week Zara released a new collection full of bright, colorful pieces like a midi dress in a shade of juicy tangerine and a Bottega Veneta-green tailored suit. More brands have joined in on the fun too, so if you’re ready to give neutrals a rest, keep clicking for 9 brilliant outfits to get you there.

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