I’m a Stylist—My Spring Capsule Wardrobe Starts With These Easy Pieces

Capsule wardrobes typically vary based on someone’s taste and personal style. That said, we’re always intrigued by the key essentials that make up the capsule wardrobes of different fashion creatives—you know, to inspire our own curations each season. As we start thinking about spring, we thought Jennifer Sattler’s spring capsule wardrobe could be interesting to learn more about given that she has over 20 years of styling experience under her belt (yes, including work as a Nordstrom stylist). Her blog, Closet Choreography, is also a great resource.

Sattler’s spring capsule wardrobe consists of a range of highly versatile, elevated basics that can mix and match with each other to create standout outfits. Below you’ll uncover nine specific items that will drive her spring capsule wardrobe. You’ll also find inspired product picks for each category in case you want to add that piece into your own capsule wardrobe. 

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