In Pictures: Tonga volcano eruption triggers worldwide tsunami

A massive volcanic eruption in Tonga that triggered tsunami waves around the world reportedly caused significant damage to the island nation’s capital and smothered it in dust.

The full extent of the destruction in the Pacific country was not apparent with communications still cut off on Sunday.

The eruption on Saturday was so powerful it was recorded around the globe, triggering waves as high as 1.74 metres (5.5 feet) that flooded Pacific coastlines from Japan to the United States.

Dramatic satellite images showed the long, rumbling eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano spew smoke and ash in the air.

A sonic boom could be heard as far away as the US state of Alaska 10,000km (6,000 miles) away.

The waves caused damage to boats as far away as New Zealand and Santa Cruz, California, but did not appear to cause any widespread damage.

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