Leave It to Bella Hadid to Fit Every Micro-Trend of 2022 Into a Single Outfit

Bella Hadid’s style is always a step ahead of the pack, especially since she stopped using a stylist. Mostly consisting of vintage-inspired pieces from the ’90s and early aughts, her street style looks are akin to a crystal ball—a peek at the trends that are on the horizon. So when she stepped out in London this week wearing yet another effortlessly chic and trend-filled ensemble, we immediately began taking notes. 

There for a job, according to her TikTok, the supermodel dressed casually in a retro track jacket with the city’s name embroidered on it, matching blue windbreaker pants, and a pair of black lug-sole boots. Never one to shy away from accessories, Hadid added black leather gloves, blue sporty sunglasses, and a brown shoulder bag from Burberry. In other words, she managed to fit practically every micro-trend that we predicted for this year into one single look. 

Ahead, shop every aspect of the model’s trend-heavy outfit. 

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