My Friend Wanted New Clothes to Start the New Year—I Said These Affordable Items

Well, hello there. You can call me your personal shopper. Well, technically, I’m a fashion editor, but my friends often refer to me as their personal shopper. Given my role in the industry, I’m often their go-to source when they want sartorial guidance or any shopping advice.

Recently, one of my friends asked for tips on a few pieces to mix into her wardrobe to keep her vibe feeling fresh for the New Year. Naturally, I sent her a few standout items I’ve seen recently. And because the market is filled with a range of affordable items that look quite high-end, I didn’t send her anything that costs more than $100.

Keep scrolling to check out seven key pieces I suggested to my friend. If you keep scrolling, you’ll also uncover an entire assortment of other affordable items that could inspire your wardrobe as well.

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