Nissan Titan’s days likely numbered

Rumor has it the Nissan Titan is nearing the end of the line. A source told Automotive News (sub. req’d) that no replacement is planned for the truck originally introduced in 2003 to take on the Big 3 in the half-ton segment. Despite serious improvements in its second generation, it simply hasn’t caught on with many U.S. truck buyers. 

Sales of Nissan’s full-size pickup have dropped precipitously in recent years, from a high of nearly 53,000 annual sales immediately after its most recent redesign in 2017, to just over 27,000 units in 2021; Toyota managed to sell nearly 90,000 lame-duck Tundras in the same time period. For context, Ford sold 49,000 F-Series pickups in May of this year alone

Nissan hasn’t officially said one way or the other whether the Titan will be replaced, but given its abysmal sales performance and Nissan’s recent investment in a heavily overhauled Frontier, it seems likely that the current Titan will be the last. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily in immediate danger of being discontinued, mind you. AN‘s source says it could be as soon as 2024 or 2025, but only Nissan knows what volume will sustain ongoing production. It could soldier on for several more years before ultimately biting the dust. 

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