People in the UK Can’t Get Enough of These Obsession-Forming Beauty Products

I’m an inherently nosy person, to begin with, but when it comes to beauty, my high-key curiosity reaches gargantuan, borderline-stalkerish levels. I follow makeup artists, fellow beauty editors, and digital content creators like it’s a sport, and I always want, no, scratch that, need to know what everyone else in the beauty space is loving, using, and currently hoarding. 

It’s pretty much written in my job description to know (and be ahead of) what’s trending in the U.S. in terms of beauty—be it trends, products, or brands—but my grasp on all of the above starts to slip where the other side of the pond is concerned. So, the other week while perusing my socials and stalking some of my favorite UK-based beauty peeps, I had a brilliant-beyond-brilliant idea: why not ask some of the industry’s coolest names what’s trending and what they’re loving on the UK front? With exposure to different types of trends and certain products and brands we might be less familiar with here in the states, it felt like the perfect opportunity to get some fresh inspiration in the beauty department—something I’m always craving at the start of the new year. Keep scrolling to follow some of my favorite UK-based beauty experts and shop the best-of-the-best products sitting at the top of their radar right now. 

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