Polish-based HigoSense eyes expansion in €5M Series A funding round

Warsaw-based digital healthcare provider has announced a €5 million Series A funding round led by Cogito Capital Partners.

Since it was founded in 2017, HigoSense has raised €8 million and launched its medical devices across Europe. With the latest funding, the company aims to raise awareness of its product in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Higo, as the developers call their modular mobile tool, is a pocket device which facilitates medical examination ‘on the go’ in everyday life for various health-related situations, be it privately on holiday, when looking after children or professionally, with patients in hospital, private offices, pre-schools, nurseries and during home visits.

The main device comes with five extension tools for different diagnostic functions: while the thermometer module measures body temperature, patients can use other tools like the spatula to examine their throat, stethoscope for lungs, and the otoscope for ears.

Patients can connect each of these tools to their primary HigoSense device to perform individual testing. Health results are transmitted via the accompanying app to HigoSense’s AI-powered health diagnostic platform where physicians may interpret the submitted video and audio data and make a remote diagnosis.


With telemedicine’s rapid growth during the pandemic crisis, remote medical consultation has been more widely accepted. New tool sets for mobile medical examination, such as the HigoSense portfolio, ease up this remote treatment process and make location-independent healthcare more accessible and accurate.

The new investor Cogito Capital Partners is a US- and Poland-based VC firm that focuses on investments in European late-stage tech companies to scale them globally.


Lukasz Krasnopolski, CEO and founder of HigoSense, said: “Our mission is to deliver both, enhanced patient experience and improved efficiency for healthcare providers. With Higo device and AI-powered health diagnostic platform, we enable a remote examination that combines the advantages of telehealth session and in-person appointment.”

“Telemedicine redefines the way health systems operate and how we all get health care and Higo delivers the missing part of the telehealth value chain.”

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