Psst—This Is My Low-Effort Trick for Styling My Super-Flat Hair

Ah, hair rollers. They may seem so old-school, but let me tell you, they’ll give you voluminous hair like no other. If you have flat, straight hair like I do, all you need to do is separate your strands and roll them up. It normally takes me less than 10 minutes to do it since my hair isn’t super long. Then I leave them on for 30 minutes to even an hour if I’ve really got time. After that, just take the rollers out, give your hair a shake and run your fingers through it, apply some hair spray, and voilà: the big hair of your dreams.

The best part is it’s pretty much hands-off hairstyling. After you put on the rollers, you’re free to do your makeup, pick out an outfit, or whatever while you wait for them to work their magic. I find the multitasking helps me cut down on my getting-ready time, which is always a bonus.

As for the types of rollers I like, the classic Velcro, self-grip ones have always been my go-to for years—pretty much since I was 15. But there are a lot of other options out there, including hot rollers. Take a look at some options for hair rollers below, and get ready for the easiest styling experience of your life.

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