PUBG: New State Anti-Cheat Update to Target Gamers Who ‘Intentionally’ Play With Cheaters, Says Krafton

PUBG: New State has received an update to its anti-cheat system, according to publisher Krafton. The new update promises stronger measures towards abusive players and cheaters in the popular multiplayer and battle royale game. The updated anti-cheat system went live on PUBG: New State on Tuesday, and will target gamers who play alongside cheaters in the game. Krafton recently updated its policy to ban cheaters devices, in an attempt to reduce cheating on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the version of PUBG Mobile that was released in India earlier this year.

Krafton stated on Twitter that it had updated the anti-cheat system on the popular PUBG: New State title, which has already crossed the 45 million download mark weeks after it was released. Krafton also shared details of the anti-cheat update rolled out on Tuesday, on Facebook. The new update includes “strengthened measures against players who intentionally play in a Squad with someone who is using unauthorised third-party programs”, in addition to new anti-cheat system measures and updates to the existing system.

Many online multiplayer games are affected by hackers and cheaters who seek to gain an unfair advantage over other players in the game. However, the use of unauthorised programs can ruin the experience for legitimate gamers, and PUBG: New State is no exception. Meanwhile, Krafton regularly updates the game’s anti-cheat systems to detect cheaters and hackers using ‘unauthorised programs’ to cheat in the game.

Some of the measures previously implemented by Krafton to reduce cheating include preventing PUBG: New State from running on devices with Developer options enabled. The company also recently implemented a new device ban policy for cheaters on BGMI. Krafton has begun permanently banning the devices of gamers who cheat in BGMI, preventing them from being used to create additional accounts. The publisher has not yet revealed whether it will bring the same device ban policy to PUBG: New State in a future update.

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