Stalking Micro-Trends Is Literally My Job—8 Winter Standouts You Need to See

With my job being a fashion editor and all, 90% of what I do most days involves discovering trends. If oversize tailoring is out (it isn’t yet, but I’m predicting a transition back to more formfitting silhouettes in the not-so-distant future), you can be sure that my fellow editors and I will be among the first to know about it. But major, multi-season trends aren’t the only ones I keep an eye out for. I’m also constantly on the lookout for micro-trends, and when I say my most recent batch of discoveries is good, I’m severely underselling it. 

After examining my Instagram collection page, every retailer’s latest drop, and, of course, fashion TikTok, I was able to zero in on eight micro-trends that pack the most punch for winter. From multi-way dresses that give you more for less to sporty sunglasses that are guaranteed to make any outfit—even a groutfit—look cool, prepare to see the trends detailed ahead *everywhere* in the coming weeks.

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