The Matrix Resurrections Leaked on Torrent Sites, Piracy Networks Ahead of Release in Cinemas, on HBO Max

The Matrix Resurrections — the fourth Matrix movie out Wednesday in India and on HBO Max — has leaked onto torrent sites and other networks that enable piracy, in differing versions of quality and file size (from 847MB to 2.52GB). While most copies are arguably genuine, given the attached screenshots and user comments attesting to their legitimacy, some are fraudulent and merely exist as a trap to load viruses and malware onto the computers of unsuspecting individuals. But even with those genuine cases, illegal The Matrix Resurrections copies are of remarkably poor quality and are filled with advertisements. Gadgets 360 does not condone illegal file-sharing. It is against the law and filmmakers deserve to be paid for the content they create.

The first legitimate leaked version of The Matrix Resurrections showed up on multiple torrent sites on Sunday, December 19, a couple of days after its release in Russia, Japan, Thailand, and four other markets. They all carry the label “CAM,” suggesting they were filmed with a video camera in cinemas. The Matrix Resurrections is due to release Wednesday in India, the US, and other parts of the world. It will also be available day on HBO Max in the US. According to publicly available comments and screenshots, the illegal The Matrix Resurrections rips feature a persistent ad watermark for an online gambling and betting website. These have been inserted digitally into the film. There are no hardcoded subtitles as we have seen with other big Hollywood releases that were leaked.

Thankfully for Warner Bros. and The Matrix Resurrections cast and crew, the quality of the cam-recorded illegal Matrix 4 rips is downright terrible. Per publicly available screenshots, Gadgets 360 can tell that they exhibit severe issues with sharpness, detail, contrast, cropping, and/ or colour. Faces lack detail and some scenes are so blurred that it’s hard to see anything properly. We won’t be posting any screenshots to avoid spoiling any part of the film. Gadgets 360 has not been able to verify audio quality, though user comments suggest that it’s echo-y, muffled, and hard to hear. The Matrix Resurrections full movie leaks only reinforce the fact that you should check out the movie when it’s officially available in theatres (or digitally) where you live.

Co-written and directed by Matrix veteran Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections stars Thomas Anderson/ Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Tiffany/ Trinity who are both somehow alive despite being killed off in The Matrix Revolutions. The Matrix Resurrections also stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as an alternate version of Morpheus, Jessica Henwick as blue-haired gunslinger Bugs, Jonathan Groff as Smith, Neo’s former arch-nemesis and Agent of the Matrix, Neil Patrick Harris as Thomas’ therapist The Analyst, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as exile program Sati, Jada Pinkett Smith as human general Niobe, Lambert Wilson as info trafficker The Merovingian, and Daniel Bernhardt as Agent Johnson. There are roles for Eréndira Ibarra, Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith, Toby Onwumere, Christina Ricci, Telma Hopkins, Ellen Hollman, and Andrew Caldwell.

The Matrix Resurrections is out Wednesday, December 22 in India, the US, and on HBO Max. In India, the new Matrix movie is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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