‘They Don’t Want Us to be Bold’: Sean Feucht Says Harper Collins Backed Out of Publishing his Latest Book

Worship leader Sean Feucht is used to receiving criticism for his boldness to stand up for the Constitutional freedom of religion.

He launched “Let Us Worship” during the summer of 2020 as a way to bring hope and joy to our deeply divided nation. Throughout the process, he has been subjected to bitter attacks and threats of violence.

Just last week, Feucht says he lost a book deal with Harper Collins, one of the world’s leading publishers, over his political stance.

Feucht told CBN News that this is a “blatant target on conservative Christians and our views. Harper Collins is trying to weasel their way out of it.”

He continued, “They called me and said they were canceling it and that they had a couple of staffers in the marketing department who refused to market it because of my political views.”

Feucht even posted an image on social media of the contractual agreement or “deal memo” with the publisher.

He told CBN News that he was shocked by the move.

“I’m really surprised,” Feucht said. “They really love the book. They were bidding against six other publishers. They were very excited about it. I was surprised because they knew what they were getting themselves into.”

Despite facing tremendous pushback and the enemy using an array of spiritual weapons against him, Feucht knows that God has a way of turning evil into good.

“I have a history of watching God turn these things into good. The fact that we’re getting so much resistance, just proves we need to get the message out,” he explained. “They don’t want us to be bold and we’re receiving that in just trying to release this message.”

In fact, Feucht’s digital distributor, TuneCore, reportedly tried to ban his Azusa album from being released last February.

He told CBN News at the time that the email he received from TuneCore indicated that his album was “blocked” and there was no specific reason given as to why.

“I woke up this morning to an email that our digital distributor (@tunecore) that I have used for over 25 albums has a BLOCKED & BANNED the Azusa album,” he wrote. “This has NEVER HAPPENED on any release before! There is no explanation given and the filed were correctly uploaded and tagged!”

Later that day, Feucht shared that the company had reconsidered and was moving forward with release of the album.

Ultimately, he believes this season of cancel culture is only going to get worse and that we must challenge it.

“We have to stand up and raise our voices … we cannot be silenced by the mob.”

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