Trialjectory scores $20M to match cancer patients to clinical trials

Trialjectory, a startup that matches cancer patients to clinical trials, announced Monday it had raised $20 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Insight Partners, with participation from JAL Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, Rho Capital and TIA Ventures.


The company offers an AI-enabled platform where patients can input information about their type of cancer and condition and be matched to open clinical trials. 

Trialjectory also works with pharmaceutical companies to help them recruit patients, find potential barriers to entry and build trials with diverse populations. 

“Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we’re able to match, educate and activate our rapidly growing community of patients taking a more active role in their healthcare. This unique approach continues to successfully remove the barriers and biases that historically prevented cancer patients from accessing advanced treatment options,” the company’s cofounder and CEO Tzvia Bader said in a statement.

“Trialjectory’s model fosters a high-level of engagement with cancer patients. These trusted relationships, combined with the robust data and insight we provide pharma, [create] a new opportunity to position the patient as a critical stakeholder helping to transform the industry’s approach to patient-centricity. We’re excited to work with Insight Partners as we continue to grow.”


AllStripes, a similar platform where patients with rare diseases can access and submit their medical records for clinical trials, announced it had raised $50 million in Series B financing in August. 

Another app that aimed to connect cancer patients with treatments and trials called Driver launched in September 2018, but shut down months later when the company ran out of money

There are a variety of health tech startups that aim to improve cancer care. Last month, Reimagine Care scored $25 million for its home-based cancer management services. 

Jasper Health also recently scooped up $25 million in Series A funding for its care coordination app that helps users track symptoms, keep an eye on mediations and chat with social workers. 

In August, oncology-focused data science and AI company ConcertAI announced it was expanding its partnership with pharma company Janssen to improve study design and diversify clinical trials.

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