WATCH: Parents, Kids Let Loudoun County Know They’re Done With Masks in No Uncertain Terms

There have been some schools bucking Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order allowing parents to opt-out of mask mandates.

Seven districts, including Loudoun County, had filed a lawsuit challenging the executive order and a judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the executive order for the moment. But parents in Loudon County have filed a lawsuit against the district which Youngkin has also joined. Several Democrats have joined in a bill to end the mask mandates, so that’s another avenue people are pursuing to end this.

As we reported on Tuesday, a leaked email revealed the district’s plan to get warrants against unmasked students. The Superintendent, John Ziegler, had previously claimed that they were not trying to take any legal actions against the students.

But on Tuesday night, the parents and the children let the district know they have had enough.

They did it in a very visible way. Children, led by two boy scouts in full uniform, served affidavits on the school board officials during their meeting, calling on the board members to cease and desist with the mask mandate.

The school board chair, Jeff Morse, then tried to avoid being served by calling a recess. But the board later acknowledged they had received the paperwork.

From Fox News:

Megan Rafalski, a parent of a student in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), said that 65 parents and concerned citizens signed the affidavits.

“We’re parents who want to be parents and look after our children,” Rafalski told Fox News Digital. “We’ve tried to talk to them, they will not listen, so it’s essentially a list of demands, a list of grievances.” [….]

The affidavit “demands that the Superintendent and the LCPS remove mask mandates since the science shows that these are not necessary for the protection of children and since the Schools do not comply with the other CDC Guidelines as claimed.”

It also calls on the board to cease teaching critical race theory in schools and establish bathrooms for males, females, transgender people, and staff.

Loudoun County and the schools are trying to fight against the tide. Even blue states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut are all dropping their mask mandates while these schools try to stubbornly hold onto them. Even so, they’re still trying to punish kids in the process which shows how politicized and vicious this all has become. They don’t have the interests of the kids as their priority. If they did, they would never act this way. All they are concerned about is politics. They can keep trying to fight it, but they’re fighting a losing battle.

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