We’re One Week Into 2022, and I’m Already Predicting the Year’s First It Items

The first week of 2022 has felt like an entire month, but alas, it’s only been a week. And I spent part of the week (a larger part than I care to admit) scrolling through Instagram to see what fashion people are already wearing. Sure, it’s a bit early to make specific fashion-item projections for the new year, but I think I’m in enough of a well-informed place to predict a few.

Based on my research and my ability to spot It items, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 pieces that are already making their rounds through the fashion crowd and that are special enough to stick around for a while and even hit the mainstream. And just for fun, I selected a few more epic pieces that could and should be It items, but time will tell. Scroll (and shop) if you love an It-item list as much as I do. You’ll find outerwear, dresses, shoes, and accessories from big-ticket brands, affordable brands, and under-the-radar brands.

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