WWE Raw Live Results, live blog: Randy Orton & Riddle won a shot at the Raw tag-team titles, follow live

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WWE Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on February 8: This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw will continue the build-up towards the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV event, and it will be streaming live from the Ball Arena, Denver, Colorado.

WWE Raw Results Live

  • Quiz Bowl segment
  • The Street Profits vs The Alpha Academy
  • Bobby Lashley and MVP in the ring
  • Damian Priest vs AJ Styles
  • The Miz TV- Special Guests Dominik & Re Mysterio
  • The Miz vs Dominik Mysterio
  • Bianca Belair vs Nikki A.S.H

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WWE Raw Live Results: February 8, live blog & live streaming details: WWE Raw, follow live updates 

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WWE Raw Results Live action:

Bianca Belair vs Nikki A.S.H- Nikki and Binca started the proceeding with Bianca going for a dropkick on Nikki. After the dropkick, Nikki rolled out of the ring and took the apron cloth on the apron to unsettle Bianca as she landed badly on the apron.

Nikki then worked on Bianca’s left leg and injured it. She was attacking her leg throughout the match with some impressive moves. Bianca, however, was fighting it out on one single leg and displayed some really tough moves in just one leg. She went for two vertical suplexes on the trot on one single leg.

The action continued and the two ladies continued with their offense. In the closing moments, Bianca took Nikki to the corner and lifted her for a Kiss of Death to finally end the match.

WWE Raw Live Results: Nikki A.S.H defeated Bianca Belair

The Miz vs. Dominik Mysterio- The match started after the commercial and both men were in the ring. Dominik and Miz were going at each other with their offense and both looked pretty good until Maryse played dirty by interfering in the match.

She derailed Dominik by pulling his leg, and the referee saw this. The referee took no time from barring Maryse from the ringside. Miz was unhappy and irate with the referee but ensured that he was on the attack with his moves.

Finally Miz got a reality check when Rey Mysterio actually pulled his leg while he was near the ropes. The referee didn’t see it and Dominik came from behind to roll up Miz and secure a win.

WWE Raw Live Results: Dominik Mysterio defeated The Miz

The Miz TV: Special Guests Dominik & Rey Mysterio- The Miz & Maryse was in the ring and they invited Dominik & Rey Mysterio to the Miz TV. Once the Mysterio’s were in the ring Miz asked to roll the footage of last week where Miz cheated to win the match against Dominik Mysterio.

Rey accused the Miz of cheating to defeat his son Dominik Mysterio. Miz, however, did not agree to what Rey said and what the people were chanting. The people were constantly calling Miz a cheater and then Miz justified himself by taking an example of stars like Edge and Eddie Guerrero who when cheated were glorified.

The war of words continued between The Mysterio’s and Miz before Miz challenged Dominik Mysterio for a rematch which the latter accepted. After accepting the challenge Miz told Dominik that he never noticed Dominik was taller than Rey and accused him if he is Eddie Guerrero’s son, not Rey’s. We go into commercials, but not before Dominik pushed Miz down on the mat.

Backstage: Kevin Owens was prepping up for his match against Austin Theory when Seth Rollins entered the scene. Seth told Owens that he isn’t happy that Owens is not in the Elimination Chamber match. Owens then told Rollin what if he beats Austin Theory tonight and punches his ticket for Elimination Chamber. Seth told him that he doesn’t know if things work like this here but he has got his back tonight.

Damian Priest vs AJ Styles- The match started with a chest chop by AJ on Priest. The champ then took AJ to the corner, but AJ ducked from his offense and hit him with another chest chop.

The two men weren’t shying away from displaying their strength and moves with both men going back & forth with their offense. AJ Styles was on the money with his moves, but some roundabout kicks from Damian Priest saw AJ struggling for a while.

AJ countered with a knee to the back of Damian Priest from overhead. He then ended up hitting the Styles with a Pele kick and Priest landed on Styles after the kick. It resulted in a pinfall count but Styles kicked out at 2. The action continued and the two men were exchanging blows again.

In the closing moments of the match, we saw both men fighting near the ring apron and Priest decided to go for a running attack. However, Styles took flight for a Phenomenal Forearm and placed it perfectly to unsettle Damian Priest.

WWE Raw Live Results: AJ Styles defeated Damian Priest via Pinfall

Bobby Lashley and MVP in the ring- The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley got a humble reception at his home in Denver when MVP introduced the All-Mighty WWE Champion.

MVP then started speaking and was acknowledging how Bobby Lashley has become a 2-time WWE Champion now and how he dominated Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble PPV. Brock said that the All-Mighty is the champion because Roman Reigns interfered in the match.

MVP kept talking and finally, Bobby Lashley had the mic. The people were chanting his name as the home crowd was all behind their hometown hero and the WWE Champion. Bobby asked the people when was the last time Brock Lesnar defended the title on Mondy Night Raw? He then added that Adam Pearce has put him into the Elimination Chamber match but added that he isn’t bothered about Brock and said that “It’s not me locked in the Elimination Chamber with Brock Lesnar, it’s gonna be Brock locked in the Chamber with me!”

The Street Profits vs The Alpha Academy- Montez Ford and Chad Gable started the proceedings of the match and they exchanged blows right after the bell rang. After a few blows, Ford tagged in Dawkins and all of a sudden, Gable was under pressure feeling the heat. Gable, however, find a way to exchange tags, meanwhile, Ford also got the tag.

The complexion of the match changed all of a sudden and Ford was now on the receiving hand. Otis was displaying his brute strength and getting the better of Gable every now and then. At one point we saw Otis bashing into Ford in the corner, but Ford moved out of harm’s way which saw Otis bashing into the corner post.

Ford then buys himself time and hits a step-up enzegurie to exchange tag with Dawkins. Otis also tagged gable and now Gable & Dawkins were the legal men. The two men exchanged blows, meanwhile, Ford dived into Otis on the outside so that he is out of the equation.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Dawkins was working on Chad Gable and tried to hit him with a double handle DDT, but Gable countered it with an Angle Lock and eventually went for a roll-up pin to secure a win.

WWE Raw Results: The Alpha Academy win via Pinfall

Quiz Bowl Segment- The Alpha Academy and RK-Bro are sitting in the middle of the ring for the Quiz Bowl segment with Kevin Patrick hosting the segment. The rules are simple, the two teams will be asked a set of questions, and the first team to answer 5 correctly will win.

The questions were put before the teams. The first question was asked to Alpha Academy from US history and Chad answered correctly. RK-Bro was asked a question from Biology, and Riddle answered correctly. After two correct answers, team RK-Bro answered one incorrect and were trailing behind Alpha Academy by 2-4. The Alpha Academy also answered one wrong and it was passed to RK-Bro. Randy & Riddle answered the question correctly and they then answered the next one correctly and now the score was tied 4-4.

Finally, it was time for the final question and RK-Bro answered it correctly as well. They won the Quiz Bowl and the Alpha Academy Academic Challenge to win a shot at the Raw tag-team titles.

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